Considering Amazon Web Services?

Moving into the cloud is one of the easiest solutions to reduce costs and streamline your business. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provide a simple way to transition into the cloud both effectively and efficiently. There are many benefits to using AWS, but here are a few of their best assets. Managed Services Group is part of the Amazon Partner Network. If you have questions about the information below, we hope you contact us

1. AWS is an affordable solution

Amazon Web Services offers a wide variety of solutions to save money and runs on the promise of helping you optimize your costs. A highlight is their pay as you go pricing solution. AWS does not require you to purchase all of its services and creates many options for buying only what is necessary for your success. You can pick and choose, only paying for the services your company needs for as long as it needs them. AWS also offers volume-based storage, allowing you to pay less and use more. For example, for their data transfer services, the more space you use, the less you pay per GB.

Additionally, AWS encourages rightsizing or choosing the cheapest instance while meeting performance requirements. So, you can constantly adjust your data plan and decrease pricing based on how frequently you access the data and which performance you need to retrieve it. AWS offers many tools to help you stay on top of and manage your spending. This saves you money without compromising your business needs. Overall, AWS’ goal is to help create elasticity and aid you in your effort to meet your demand based on the actual needs of the company and not merely forecast by allowing you to use their services when you need it and turn it off when you do not.

2. AWS is customizable

AWS creates the opportunity to adapt to business trends, and remain flexible in an ever-changing environment. This prevents the need to constantly forecast and allows you to change based on a customer’s needs. AWS also provides support services that are there if you want them but not included if you are already a seasoned cloud user. The range of services they offer is large including but not limited to database storage and migration, blockchain, content delivery, and business applications. These services are not exclusive to each other and you can access as many or as few as you deem necessary to the success of your company.

Also, AWS stresses that the cloud is not binding and they offer hybrid capabilities so you can continue your current infrastructure while also utilizing the cloud services. Amazon is a global company and therefore their services stretch globally, allowing you to access AWS across 57 availability zones within 19 regions around the world. So, AWS makes it easy to create a solution to your company’s needs, whatever they may look like.

3. Amazon Partner Network

All of the services Amazon Web Services offers may seem overwhelming, and you may be asking yourself “Wow this sounds great, but how do I use this?”. Don’t worry because many are feeling the same way. AWS created partnerships with many different IT firms, allowing them to become AWS Certified Cloud Partners, and therefore formed the Amazon partner network. By purchasing their services you gain access to these partners and advice on how to best run your business. The partner network expands to consulting and technology.

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As an AWS Certified Cloud Partner, we aim to help customers take full advantage of all the business benefits has to offer. Cloud Adoption is an intimidating process and we, along with Amazon Web Services are here to help you achieve your business objectives, whether you are just considering Cloud solutions, or have been a lifetime user.