Investing in a new Managed Service Provider (MSP) can be a big decision. When you invest in an MSP, there are certain things that you need to see improving in order for your ROI to increase and the investment to actually meet your needs. Here are some reasons you may want to consider switching to a new MSP.

There are discrepancies in what you are actually paying for.

If the company keeps tacking on charges without explanations, this can be a huge red flag. You can avoid this by signing a contractual agreement on what is expected with your provider. You also may have installations or purchases that you never approved. It is important to be clear in what you want and what your expectations are for their services. 

There is inadequate communication.

A huge component that goes into being an MSP company is communication and service to their clients. It is very important that your MSP is quick and efficient in their response times – there are many instances where the matter may be urgent and call for immediate attention. If you are dealing with a company that lags in response, it is going to slow you down and potentially risk a client. This can be detrimental to your business. You should also not be responsible for immediate communication when something like a server goes down. Part of their role as an MSP is to ensure that all systems are up and working properly and efficiently. You should not constantly have to be reaching out to your MSP when things are not working properly. 

Your security and privacy are not taken very seriously.

It speaks volumes about the company if they do not take security very seriously, even in casual situations. There is a lot of remote communication occurring in todays business, often making security across platforms easy to be breached. It is important that your MSP is ensuring that the information being exchanged is through a secure medium. 

They are constantly trying to sell you on things.

A priority of an MSP is knowing their client and what their needs are. If you notice that your provider is constantly trying to sell you products or services that you know do not suit your wants or needs, it means that they may not have your best interest in mind. As an MSP, it is part of their job to diagnose what products and services can make the biggest difference in your efficiency and security or how a product or service can be more cost efficient. If your provider is trying to sell you products that are unnecessary or irrelevant to your line of business, it should be a warning to you as they are misdiagnosing your needs. Your provider needs to be able to show you how and why they think you would benefit from the product/service. Recommending new products can bring you innovative solutions to problems, just be sure that the need is legitimate.

The same issues are happening over and over again.

As an MSP, their responsibilities go further than simply solving the problem. It is important that once they fix the issue, that they have a solution to prevent the issue from happening again in order to be preventive for the future. If you have noticed that the same issues are arising constantly, it means that your provider is not actually fixing the problem and rather just putting a band-aid over it. This can cause future upsets as your software may not work to the best of its ability and can prevent you from reaching your most efficient and productive capabilities.

Although it may be stressful investing in more time to find a new service provider, it can help you tremendously in the long run. Find out more about how Managed Services Group can help your system work at it’s best.