Cyber-criminals have been attacking internet users for years now, and in turn, more users are now utilizing network security systems to protect their computers as well as their information. Cyber-criminals are known to retrieve vital information through network systems and sell that information to different sites or the dark web. But what do organizations such as medical practices do to protect themselves and their patients from cybercrime? The solution is a qualified IT company or managed service provider.

Cybercrime, cybersecurity, and MSPs responsibilities

Managed service providers, or MSPs, help handle IT functions such as storage, backup, recovery, email hosting, firewall management, security, and network monitoring. This helps organizations minimize downtime so they can focus more on their strategic projects as the MSP supplements the organization’s day-to-day needs and internal resources. For example, it’s a regular day at your medical practice, you have several patients arriving which means more information needs to be input into your database system and more tasks need to be attended to. Suddenly, your network begins to slow down and your in-house IT department doesn’t have the time to fix it due to their other tasks, or you don’t have an IT department at all. That is where an MSP can come in to help you get things back to running smoothly. In order to protect your medical practice from cybercrime, a managed service provider can make sure that the network slow down wasn’t due to a cyberattack and can also get your network up and running at full speed again. According to research, organizations don’t want to be an expert in information technology services, but would rather hire experts who will provide a high-quality service level.

Why Switch to a Managed Service Provider?

Over the past few years, organizations have become more familiar with managed service providers and the value IT companies bring to the table. Organizations are using them more often now, for the management of security and IT functions not just for medical practices cybercrime prevention.

In the past, cost saving was the primary benefit for hiring a managed service provider. Now, clients are looking for the additional benefits it can provide. Here is a list including a few of the benefits Managed Services Group can provide your medical practice:

Backup & Recovery with Continuity Service: This includes network monitoring, workstation management, network security, firewall management and on-location hardware maintenance.

Network Monitoring & Desktop Management: This helps to ensure that the potential for data loss and a network shutdown is at a minimum.

Network Security & Firewall Management: Businesses are constantly under attack by cyber criminals who are invading their network. Firewall management will decrease this risk as well as keep your firewall current so you can rest easy at night knowing you’re protected from medical practices cybercrime.

Helpdesk and On-Location Hardware Maintenance: This is helpful because support is necessary, and we are available to assist in any problem in order to make sure there are no recurrences. This also includes on-site engineering support that provides hands-on help with issues and solutions to increase efficiency and productivity.

Benefits such as these can not only cut costs, but most importantly can provide peace of mind. They can provide better uptime and proactive approaches to IT problems and can also improve security. With the rise of cyberattacks being an extreme threat to businesses, it is vital that organizations such as medical practices turn to MSPs to provide an extra level of security, not only for themselves, but for their clients or patients as well.

Prevention of medical practices cybercrime and everything else IT.

At Managed Services Group, we provide various information technology services to help build a better information technological solution for our client. Managed Services Group provides a tailor-made plan designed to maximize efficiency, reduce roadblocks, and make it so that you don’t even have to think about the technology that makes your business run. We offer a wide range of services including IT consulting, managed IT, cloud solutions, and phone and internet management to provide the most viable results for your company’s needs. Managed Services Group doesn’t want to only be a solution to your IT needs, but also a source of support to maintain your entire IT system.