Our company was founded on two core principles; Honesty and Integrity!

Mark Fugett and Richard Neuman founded Managed Services Group 10-years ago.  Honesty and Integrity were the founding principles for ALL decisions, as these core principles were taught to them early in their lives, and this philosophy continues today.  They both have an eye for the evolution of information technology, leading these two partners to be widely regarded with a high moral standing in the computer community. 

Mark obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (B.B.A) at Florida Southern College and his Master of Science in Communication from Northwestern University. The Chicago native stands by the values of honesty, integrity and loyalty. Mark carries a heart of compassion for others and serves as an adviser and mentor to many in his community network. He believes that the lessons he has learned in his life has equipped him with the tools to stay true to his word and embody a vessel of good in the Lord’s name. A husband to Carrie and father of two boys, Tyler and Jacob, Mark still makes the time to volunteer his time and resources for the greater good of his community, as well as in his church. His passion for sports and adventure has originated from an early age. He’s competed in numerous marathons and triathlons across the nation, and qualified and ran in the historic 2013 Boston Marathon!  He has a passion for athletics and knows a holistic mind and body are the key to success.

Richard’s love for technology originated during his teen years working and creating computer systems. Texas born but traveled all around throughout his school years, Richard obtained various degrees and certifications for networking. This skill developed into an art for programming and evolved into a time in life where he maintained all Windows servers and mainframe computers for one of the two largest theme parks in Central Florida! Though a very hardworking computer engineer, Richard is also a husband and father of five. He uses his free time for woodworking, boating and spending time with family. Richard always finds time to help others as well, which allows a good character in keeping clients happy with their networking infrastructures. 

If you value Honesty and Integrity, you’ve come to the right place.