What is an IT Network Audit?

We take a “deep-dive” into your network to determine:

What is on your network? What are your network vulnerabilities?

Hardware Reports
An in-depth report that lists every computer, printer, copier, etc. on your network (everything that has an IP address). 

Software Reports
A very descriptive report that lists every piece of software installed on the PC’s and servers on your network.

Edge Protection Report
Does your company have an effective Firewall?  Does your company even have a Firewall? 

A Firewall is basically a traffic cop that protects your company from any unwanted intruders on the internet.  

Click HERE to learn more about Firewalls

Do you have backups of your company’s data?

Are your backups being tested regularly?

Anti-virus and Malware Report 
Do you have adequate Anti-virus protection for your emails?

Do you have adequate Malware protection for computers?

Bandwidth Reports
Are you getting correct bandwidth from your internet service provider?

Is your network “slow”?

Do you possibly have internal cabling bottlenecks?

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity
Do you have a DR/BC plan in case of a disaster?

Work Flow Analysis (a Faster Way)
Do you feel your employees could be more productive with new technologies?

New technologies are on the market every day which may increase productivity.  

Cyber-Security Insurance Policies 
Do you have a Policy in place?

Are you certain you know what it covers?

IT Savings Audit

If you’re interested in learning how all of this affects your bottom line, we offer IT Savings Audits as well. There we breakdown your needs vs. your spend, and how we can achieve your goals while saving you money.