When deciding if a Managed Service Provider (MSP)  is a good option to invest in, it is understandable that the goal is for the benefits to outweigh the cost. You have to decide how important security, efficiency, currency, service, etc. means to you and your technology. Here are the top 5 benefits of an MSP.

  • Enhanced Security

There are many different industries that have security as a top priority as they are a keeper of private information. This pertains to fields like finance, health, law, etc. It is not a suggestion to ensure that you have well-maintained security. It is a requirement by law and any sort of breach can result in devastating consequences. Having an MSP will ensure that your information is secured in order to ease your mind and the clients you are working with. The level of security that an MSP is able to provide is one that is far superior than the average. They may require two-factor authentication and 24/7 monitoring and surveillance. Your MSP also has access to more advanced monitoring and security software.

  • Return on Investment

Although cost is decidedly one of the most important factors that goes into choosing a security system, it is important to note the savings that come with investing in an MSP. One advantage of hiring an MSP is that you may no longer require a fully staffed IT department. Even if you don’t have IT on staff, it will decrease the focus on the technology and rather encourage productive and focused energy on the employee’s current projects. Time is another huge cost-saver. Your employees will no longer have to spend an unnecessary amount of time working on updating, upgrading, monitoring, and maintaining a secure network. Also, having an efficient and reliable system will ensure that time is being designated properly, in turn, increase productivity and efficiency. All of this in mind, your ROI will increase because your employee’s efforts are being redirected elsewhere.

  • Increased Efficiency/Reliability

Efficiency and reliability is a huge factor for many industries because of the urgency in daily activities. People are used to things that have instant gratification and the smaller the wait time, the better. If Information Technology (IT) is a vital component in running your business, ensuring that your systems are working quickly and properly when backing up issues or solving troubleshooting issues is essential. Using an MSP with these issues provides you with 24/7 support that you know will be effective and efficient.

  • New Technology

MSPs make it possible for business owners to have access to the latest and greatest of systems. With cybersecurity constantly evolving and technology constantly updating, it is important that you are investing in the best software to ensure that your files are being protected. Having an MSP will prevent hackers from causing issues in the future, securing software to close any potential openings for attack and save money on any additional cost to upgrade.

  • Increased Reassurance

As noted above, having a MSP to increase the security of your systems is going to make the stress of having important information backed up almost dissipate. You have a company that works round the clock to ensure that they are providing the best service for you and your business with the best and most current software to-date. This also eliminates the need to constantly update programs – making the process that much easier.

These 5 benefits will help ensure that you are getting what you paid for and actually increase your ROI. Having an MSP will provide the confidence that you are protected and help ease any uncertainty about your private information. Find out more about how Managed Services Group can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.