Why do you need a Managed Service Provider?

  • Information technology is an ever-changing market that requires constant maintenance and monitoring. We deliver all services from the day to day ticket issues to examining where your company’s vulnerability stands with technology. We also provide vendor management which seems to be our highest point. Allowing us to deal with the phone, internet, copier dealers etc. relieves the stress behind the scenes, so that you can run your business. 

How will outsourcing an IT company save you money in the long run?

  • Outsourcing your IT department gives you the opportunity to spend your time and resources on doing what you do best and leaving the IT headaches to the professionals.

How long has Managed Services Group Inc. been in business?

  • Managed Services Group Inc. was created in 2009 by Mark Fugett and Richard Neuman. 2019 marks the 10-year anniversary of this company.

If a virus crashed my computer, can I get that information back?

  • Depending on the type of virus or ransomware, the most efficient way would be to have an updated backup to retrieve the data from the machine. MSG provides solutions for up-to-date backup and recovery to retrieve company information from unfortunate situations.

How can MSG avoid my company from “being down” if an emergency occurs?

  • We provide services for Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity to avoid loss of a company’s infrastructure. Managed Services Group will investigate your company’s preparedness in a case for a disaster and can guide you through a plan. Having a protection plan in place before a disaster occurs will ensure your company won’t go out of business.

How often are backups performed?

  • We provide many solutions through backup devices to cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) to give our clients customized snapshots of their company backups. These can range from minute by minute up to hour by hour.

How can my company be completely cloud based?

  • Managed Services Group can take any company from an “on-premise” environment to “cloud based” in many ways. Hosted Email and files/data can be migrated to a Cloud solution like Microsoft Office 365. Servers can be migrated to a Cloud based server service like AWS. We can provide a solution to best fit your company’s current hosted environment. 

Is your company MAC user friendly?

  • Yes, we provide support to MAC and Windows users, whichever you’d prefer. 

How do I contact the Managed Services Group Helpdesk?

  • Every client has access to our support helpdesk through our online client portal, email and/or by calling our support number. The client portal gives one access to submit, view the status, and add additional information to tickets. If you would like more information about our processes or services, please submit an inquiry through our contact us page or by emailing hello@msgrouponline.com

If I call after hours, will someone answer?

  • Yes, our staff are scheduled after hours and will be available immediately to provide support.

How do I know MSG will be a good fit for my company’s needs?

  • Before we can give you any estimates, our company conducts FREE networking and Cost Savings Audits so that you can be sure that even without officially having a Managed Services Agreement (MSA) with us, we will give you the most accurate diagnostics of your company’s infrastructure and where you can save money. MSG has dedicated the past 10 years to assisting our clients with honesty and integrity to always be sure they’re business is taken care of in the back end. Our white glove services are specially customized to every client and industry to best fit your needs and wants with information technology. Making sure your company is running effectively and safely is our number one priority.